Modular system concept for hygienic design

Highly accurate dosing without cross-contamination for pet food application

Our modular system concept offers many advantages for all parties when, 20 components must be dosed according to a recipe in quantities of 1 to 100 kilograms   and distributed over a total of 15 production plants. The utilisation of recurring systems reduces the design effort, simplifies operation, creates flexibility in the use of different products and allows reduced spare parts storage.

Due to the requirement for high-precision and simultaneously fast dosing for the entire quantity range, AMMAG developed new dosing device for this project. They manage the task by being equipped with several dosing screws for a large and small flow. Additional engineering design details help to further improve the dosing accuracy.

The second essential aspect of the system is the prevention of inadvertent cross-contamination of products, achieved on one hand through a consistent hygienic design in accordance with EHEDG guidelines and on the other hand, by using discharge tanks which enable the surge tanks and pipelines to be discharged completely.

All specifications were evaluated over several months of monitoring and fully confirmed.