Engineering made by AMMAG

Engineering made by creative and solution-oriented thoroughbred technicians

The core of AMMAG is experienced and creative “thoroughbred” technicians!  Modern CAD systems (ACAD, Inventor) and an office environment that encourages ideas, help to generate solutions for your tasks quickly. Our engineering team works side by side with colleagues from production and service and they are bound together by a project-outcome incentive wage system – because we are only strong together!  Without paralysing department walls, we achieve our goal much faster: market-driven quality, adherence to delivery dates and flexibility. We are driven by the principle of “your trust in us is our obligation”. Shake on it!

In addition to experience and innovative strength, AMMAG also stands for long-term relationships with employees, suppliers and customers, which are based on values such as trust, respect and honesty. We can only be successful if our partners are successful and appreciate our work.
Bulk solids technology is one of our core competencies. We create added value for our customers through our goal and process-oriented actions.
In every phase of your project, whether in the development of new products, the implementation of innovative ideas or the optimization of existing bulk material systems, we support you in all areas through our know-how and through quick, clear and factual communication.

Our principle is to seamlessly bring together your raw material specialist knowledge with our plant-engineering expertise.
The modular service package AMMAG Particle Systems is the ideal platform for this. You can find more information here ( image video ).