Vibratory discharge machine

Vibrating bottom for safe discharge of poor flowing bulk goods


Vibratory discharge machine of the SAM series

The vibratory discharge machine is attached to the silo or hopper cone and enables the mass flow of bulk materials through circular vibrations. Bridging and core flow are reliably prevented. The upper part is connected to the vessel via radially arranged elastomer vibrating elements. The vibration compensator is designed as an elastomer sleeve, which is attached to the upper and lower part with multi-part clamps and can also be exchanged when the machine is installed.

AMMAG system components are always designed and manufactured specifically for the application and for optimised operational safety and economic efficiency. Our vibratory discharge machines are FDA-compliant, available in ATEX design, with EN1935/2004 certificate and with a wide range of accessories. TÜV certificate about our approvals: EN 1090-1; EN ISO 3834-3.

Our Service:

Trials of the vibratory elements in our pilot plant. That gives us both confidence, even with new products where there is no empirical data.

Our engineering and sales team supports you with knowledge and experience in all questions about bulk material technology, fluidised bed spray granulation, product development and process optimisation.

  • TYPE **) ***)
  • [ ]
  • SAM 802-200
  • SAM 1002-200
  • SAM 1202-200
  • SAM 1602-250
  • SAM 2002-300
  • SAM 2502-300
  • Throughput *)
  • [t/h]
  • 72
  • 72
  • 72
  • 155
  • 230
  • 230
  • Installed motor power
  • [kW]
  • 0,62
  • 0,62
  • 0,62
  • 0,9
  • 0,9
  • 2 x 0,9

*) for reference product flour, bulk density 0.5 t / m³ and mesh size 1 mm
**) available in material 1.4301, AISI304, 1.4571, AISI316 and S235JR, other materials on request
***) larger types possible if required

  • Optimised mass flow in standing hoppers
  • Prevention of bridging and core flow
  • Upper part with connection flange
  • Guide cone to relieve the seal
  • Vibration funnel with relief cone
  • Motor console (s)
  • Brackets for suspending the oscillating elements arranged radially
  • Outlet flange with counter flange for installing a shut-off unit
  • Adjustable elastic suspension
  • Vibration compensator as a cylindrical elastomer sleeve
  • Attachment of the vibration compensator with multi-part clamps
  • The sleeve can be exchanged on the assembled machine