Rotary valve inlet funnel

Hopper for blow-through rotary valves


Rotary valve inlet funnel of the SET series

In pneumatic pressure conveying systems, the product is usually fed in via rotary valves (blow through locks). It is the job of a properly constructed rotary valve inlet funnel to safely feed the product into the rotary valve and to reliably remove leakage air from the lock. This is the only way to prevent counter pressure from building up and preventing the product from flowing freely into the lock inlet. A system is only as good as its individual links and that is why we pay attention to every detail and our experience also benefits the smallest system component.

AMMAG system components are always designed and manufactured specifically for the application and for optimised operational safety and economic efficiency. Our rotary valve inlet funnels are FDA-compliant, available in ATEX design, with EN1935/2004 certificate and with a wide range of accessories.

Our Service:

Trials of pneumatic conveying in our pilot plant. That gives us both confidence, even with new products where there is no empirical data.

Our engineering and sales team supports you with knowledge and experience in all questions about bulk solids technology, fluidised bed spray granulation, product development and process optimisation. You can find more information here ( image video ).

  • Rotary valve inlet funnel SET *) ***)

  • Application and customer specific design
    on request

*) available in material 1.4301 / AISI304 / 1.4571 / AISI316 / S235JR, other materials on request
**) other product sizes possible if required
***) additional footnote

  • Welded housing construction
  • Maintenance openings fixed by screws at product entry and exit
  • Fluidizing nozzles for poorly flowing or bridging products