Container handling and mixing plant

Full automation means more than just controlling motors and valves

AMMAG, the plant engineer for the non food industry

As a system manufacturer for the non food industry, AMMAG must fulfill two essential requirements to operate fully automated systems for the production of mixtures:

  • The technology used must be able to handle a wide variety of raw materials.
  • The software utilised for system control also has to handle warehouse management, recipe control and connection to the ERP system.

In this specific case, we have built a plant to produce mixtures of up to 20 non food raw materials and 12 premixes at the Austrian base of an international company. The product properties range from bridging to abrasive, from adhesive-sticky to free-flowing to shooting. These are dosed into containers accurate to the nearest gram, mixed and then stored again in containers until they are processed into the end product. However, it is also possible to withdraw only partial quantities from the containers.

In addition to the equipment for bulk material handling, storage areas for the containers and an automated transport system with a crane and lift was built.

The control system ensures that the containers are transported from the correct storage location to the required docking station according to recipe.
Beneficial side effects are that it monitors the exact dosage and completely discharges vessels and conveying lines.