Hoppers for storing, separating, stirring, weighing etc.


Hoppers for all areas of application in the bulk material industry

Our hoppers are as diverse as the potential raw materials or the processes to which they can be applied. However, all our containers are designed for maximum process reliability and system availability. You can only reliably use your container for abrasive, cohesive, fragile or hygroscopic products if your container is also combined with a suitable discharge system or discharge aid. All tanks are available in a pressure shock-proof version and can be manufactured in various surface finishes. Accessories such as sensors, maintenance openings, weighing systems, filters, insulation, negative / positive pressure valves, ladders, top railings, support structures and much more, complete our range. Whether for the food or the non-food sector: our containers are always designed and manufactured specifically for the application and for optimised operational safety and economic viability. Our containers are FDA-compliant, available in ATEX design, with EN1935/2004 and material certificate.
TÜV certificate about our approvals: EN 1090-1; EN ISO 3834-3

Our Service:

Trials of storage and delivery systems in our pilot plant. This gives you confidence, even with new products where there is no empirical data.

Our engineering and sales team supports you with expertise in all questions about containers, plant construction, assembly and commissioning for both new projects and for improvements to existing production systems.

  • TYPE
  • [ ]

  • Hopper
  • Diameter
  • [mm]

  • 200 – 3000
  • Wall thickness
  • [mm]

  • 2-8
  • max. hopper weight
  • [kg]

  • 10000
  • Hoppers in cylindrical design
  • Welded stainless steel sheet or plate construction
  • Hopper roof 150 °
  • Outlet cone 60 °
  • Maintenance opening
  • Short, long or without skirt support and with mounting brackets
  • Operating pressure + 45 / -5 mbar
  • Inlet / outlet flange
  • Nozzles for sensors