Head room drying

Head room dryer for the continuous admission of dry air to the silo head room


Silo – Head room dryer of SKT series for hygroscopic products

A Head room dryer of the SKT series ensure maximum process reliability, silo performance and reduced maintenance costs. The continuous exposure of the silo head room to dried air prevents condensation and thus contributes significantly to the trouble-free operation of a silo. In the case of hygroscopic products such as crystal sugar, lump formation is significantly reduced and mould formation is reliably prevented. The dried air is blown into the silo head room via the filling line. As soon as the silo has been filled, the head room drying is started automatically and is only interrupted at the next filling. The head room dryer of the SKT series is delivered pre-assembled in a cabinet and is suitable for outdoor installation, external to the silo.

Like all our systems and system components, the head room dryer systems of the SKT series are designed and manufactured specifically for the application and for optimised operational safety and economic viability.

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  • TYPE *) ***)
  • [1]
  • SKT 1000
  • SKT 2000
  • Air flow dried, max. **)
  • [Nm³/h]
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • Power input
  • [kW]
  • 1
  • 2

*) available in material 1.4301 / AISI304 / 1.4571 / AISI316 / S235JR, other materials on request
**) other product sizes possible if required

  • Cabinet for outdoor installation .
  • Flow monitoring